[BOOK REVIEW] Honey is it in the Budget by Yinka Ogunnubi | @yinkanubi

Personally, I’ve read loads of books and articles on finances but this book happens to be one of my best reads so far and I’m really excited I decided to open my mind to the mind gripping insight embedded in this book.The author, Yinka Ogunnubi is a an expert in the field of Corporate treasury particularly in regards to developing treasury systems. He has become astute at transferring his knowledge from the work place to the home front and has helped several families with the knowledge and tools to manage their finances.

Yinka, in very really simple terms, explains the intricacies of managing personal, family finance in the pages of this masterpiece. Reading this book, I had so many ‘ahhhhh’ and ‘awwww’ moments which showed as I did relate with virtually everything written in the book. As we speak, I’ve read the book about twice already and I’d still read it as much as I can this year because it presents a life long manual that cannot be ignored.

The 97 page book with its foreword written by Pastor Godman Akinlabi (Senior Pastor of The Elevation Church) leads one through a journey from a starting point which reveals the area of taking responsibility for one’s finances as well as taking action to a point of charting a very compelling course for your financial life either as a single person or as a couple. With bits here and there of personal experiences, one is sure set to leave the book a changed man (that’s with the condition of heeding to the instructions written in the book).

One of the major take aways from the book is on the subject of developing a financial plan.

Some of the steps which include:
1. Draw up a list of income and expenditure items.
2. Group your income and expenses into categories
3. Start to record all income and expenses according to the categories
4. Analyze spending patterns
5. See financial goals
6. Set decision target
7. Review and prepare new budget

I don’t want to reveal so much details into the principles hidden in the pages of this book but i bet you it would be worth every single penny. This book can be gotten from any Family book store in Nigeria or on Amazon

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