Help! I want to study the bible.

Can I come out open a bit?

I think we’ve all had this struggle at one point in time in our walk with God. Okay, I don’t want to generalize this but I had this struggle many times and I had friends who did but thankfully, God helped us through.

So, there are times, especially when you just get saved that you don’t know what, why or even how to read the Bible. If this is your frustration, go to the fridge and take a chilled glass of water while we go though a very practical journey of how to study the Bible.

There is no hard and fast rule at studying the Bible and in fact, the goal is to be dynamic  but the system I want to share is one that I learnt back then and still works effortlessly for me.

  1. Study according to books

The principle here is that you take a particular book of the bible and explore that book till the end. Here, I usually advise you start with the book of Romans because it hold some foundational principles about Christianity. To be honest, there are some books of the Bible that could really make you sleep if you don’t have the basic foundational doctrine of what Christianity is. So, from book to book, you could explore and find your way consuming the whole of the Bible.

2. Study according to Characters

So, Pastor got to talk about Joseph today in church and you felt he did a good job! It would be good for you to check out by yourself the whole story about Joseph. What you do here basically is that you explore the various bible characters and their exploits in the Bible. You could just search up the story of Joseph and read extensively on him. It would give you a basic knowledge of how the biblical characters connect in the Bible.

3. Study according to concepts

This is the part where major doctrinal principles are formed. So, you want to know whether or not Christians should tithe, what the Love of God really is and many other concepts we talk about in church, you could search up on them and read all the related verses as your personal study. This gives you an indepth knowledge of how some biblical principles operate.


Although, I just shared some principles with you, you can coin out whatever works fine with you or possibly combine one or two of the above.

You can also get bible study guides and concordances online that can help you too.

It is important to note though that at this stage, you must never be too quick to join the many guys who share “rhema” on Facebook. Many of these people who come on Facebook to share supposed deep revelations from their bible study are just out to confuse you. Its not completely bad to consume them but its great to be selective with what you consume and ensure that you’re not giving in to the pressure to gather likes, shares and comments that stem from sharing supposed bible knowledge on social media. The goal of bible study is to get closer to God and not to be termed “deep” on social media.

Lastly, yield your bible study to the holy spirit. this is no cliche but from the time you made a decision to stick with Christ, He also came into your life to guide you through your Christian journey. So, be sensitive and let him lead you as you go.

I wish you a very fruitful bible study life.

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