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There is a current need among the men folk and if you’ve followed trends well, you would have noticed an identity crisis amongst the male that needs to be corrected. If not, we stand a chance of a major crisis in the nearest future. This was one of the reasons why Yinka Ogunnubi and Deji Irawo both decided to act rather than complain about the Issue on ground and ensure that in their little capacity, work is done at ensuring that this is worked on intensively.

I was at the just concluded edition of #TheMan event and words fail me to describe how much information was delivered to the passionate men that were in that training class. Subjects discussed focused on Sex, Goal setting and emotional intelligence.

Seats were limited so publicity wasn’t really hyped and that was made basically via social media and was on a first to register basis.

Plans are being made towards making subsequent sessions hold monthly basically because of the urgency of the message.

Before I bore you with the details of the event, I’d run through 10 of the golden lessons I learnt from the event which I believe would be beneficial to you.

Take a pen and a paper, you might need to write this down.

1. You don’t have to do anything to earn the man – position. It’s your divine identity. Delete a performance driven mindset.

2. You are not essentially competing against any other man. You are unique just as you are. Quit the competition.

3. Your goals must be clear, compelling, visible, balanced, harmonized and more importantly they must stretch you.

4. Efficiency is doing the right thing and effectiveness is doing the thing right. You must ensure to achieve both in your life.

5. Mind your associations, increase your visibility and stay focused.

6. Always ensure that at every point in time in your life, you can measure your growth from your last standpoint.

7. Don’t be afraid to express how you feel. You are not weak because you do. Strength is first internal

8. Have conversations on sexual history before you get into marriage.

9. Your sexual needs are valid and you have the right to pursue happiness in that area.

10. The definition you give sex based on your experience will affect your sexual culture.

I’m tempted to drop another one but I’d stop here. Integrity is an important value of a man.

You can keep in touch with both facilitators on twitter via @yinkanubi and @dejiirawo and brace up for the next edition.

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