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My church note on September 17 2016 was about Fixing Financial Challenges. I have been putting these principles into practice and it’s been amazing.

See ehn! Just forget about the 2nd verse of Falz Weldon Sir song if you’re a believer. You just pay your tithe and leave the rest to God. Shey you want to spend your life monitoring what your tithe is used for??! You just obey God. It’s the 3rd edition of this topic in church so I’ll just do a recap like pastor did in service.

Make money. Manage money. Multiply money. Learn to do the 30% principle (10% tithe, 10% seed, 10% savings). Learn to live on 70% of your income. You have a God that can help you. Regulate your life with principles. Embark on specific giving projects.

When it comes to multiplying money you need to have a creative mind, add knowledge to yourself and put your ideas to work. These principles work and are biblical. You can have heavenly finances on earth by using the principles of heaven. Be constantly filled with the Holy Spirit. Anything that cannot overcome you in heaven cannot overcome you on earth.

As a child of God you have the right to enjoy heavenly privileges here on earth. Pastor recommended books on prosperity and I did myself good by buying Gloria Copeland’s “God’s will is prosperity” You have to be deliberate about your life. Be obedient to God, the Holy Spirit and Spiritual authority. #churchnote

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