What is Wrong With Inviting Comedians To Churches?

Mike Bamiloye Church Comedians

Mike Bamiloye Church Comedians

Late Last Year, Mike Bamiloye criticized churches that invites comedian to churches. According to him, it defiles the altar and house of God as this comedians come to make jest of the name of God.

If he’s criticising churches from this perspective, I think he is right. We shouldn’t make jest of God’s powerful name all because we want to laugh.

On the other hand, I totally think there’s nothing wrong with bringing comedians to churches, especially those of them that publicly associate with the gospel.

Woli Arole as a case study.

He is a popular star comedian,as many describe him, a Comedian He doesn’t consider himself a Gospel Comedian, but someone who uses comedy as a tool to worship God.

He has a habit of eulogizing God even at Secular events and this video of him at Coza, where he was invited to “perform” really got to me, as the first part of his performance was more of a ministration than just laughs, even till the end.

His popular IG skits, “Wapariwoooo” showcased his preference and love for God more, for someone who is really down on using comedy as a tool.

If a merry heart doeth good like a medicine, a few clean jokes here and there shouldn’t hurt a fly, I guess? Moreover, where should we rather hear it, a club house?

The way we have gospel artistes, who put “Jesus” and “God” into lyrics, we also have ministers who communicate life and create an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit.

I believe comedians, through Proverbs 17:22, can communicate life to the weary and broken Spirit even till the point where people laugh and get healed.

Who else is seeing what I’m seeing?

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