Church Note by Akinwale Adelodun | @AdelodunSJ #HowMarket

Church Notes

It’s been an amazing 2017 for me so far. My prayer life, work ethic and reading habit has changed drastically. I am being so deliberate about my life.

So pastor started a ‘How Market Session’ last week Sunday. It’s basically a question to one’s self to ask how he or she is doing in every aspect of life. You have to be deliberate. How has the first two weeks in 2017 been for you? If you plan to finish strong you have to start well. For example you want more income… Do more work! Hear what God is saying. Listen to the things taught in your local church.

After you get the plan of God, don’t try to do it in your own strength. Prioritize God. Pray. Serve. Give. Make God your number one in life. Whatever might have been your number one before now push it down the list and make God the priority.

We exist because of the purpose of God. Also learn to follow the principles of God.

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