MUSIC: AmiOluwa Provabs gears up for new album release | @provabs

Album Art of “The Identity”

If you’ve spent some time grooving Christian Music in Nigeria, then you should be conversant with the name Provabs

Although, recently after the release of a single sometime last year, he added AmiOluwa (meaning marked of the Lord) to his name.

For a while, Provabs on his Instagram page released teasers towards this album launch and kept our mouths watered and fingers crossed as we patiently awaited what was coming. So, when he released the news a few days back, we could only be filled with enthusiasm and excitement.

With the track listing now out, we can only anticipate nothing but the best from this talented artist.

Tracklist for “The Identity”


This is definitely gonna be a sweet ride, so can we start the countdown to 21st of January when the album will be released?

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