3 Myles Munroe’s Books You Should Read In 2017

Books 2017

Books 2017

Myles Munroe was a Bahamian Evangelical Christian evangelist and ordained Pentecostal minister who founded and led the Bahamas Faith Ministries International. He wrote numerous books during his time here on earth and we think you should read this three this year if you haven’t read them before:


Reading this book will make you understand that God is the source of all potential. The potential to Create, Make, Do ALL things, is in Him. That’s why God is the OMNIPOTENT which means ALL POWERFUL. He made things and He also created Human Beings, He created us with the ability to create.
He created us to take responsibility. Just as he watches over us, God expects us to watch over the things he committed to our hands living and non –living.
We were created to dominate not to be dominated by things. God created us to rule, reign and be in charge. But many of us have not yet ignited this natural ability; we are still being dominated by things.
We need to understand our position in God, He created us in His Image and LIKENESS to operate like Him, think like Him, provide solutions to problems, he created us to create and reproduce.

RELEASING Your Potential

You will realize that it takes work to release your potential. The price of greatness is responsibility. You are much more capable than what you have already done, in order to release your potential you have to be dissatisfied with your last achievement. You are bigger and better than what you have done. Potential is the sum of who you are that you have are to reveal. There are principles attached to releasing your potential and you have to key fully into it. Knowing your purpose is key to maximizing your potential and you need to understand that your potential is given for the benefit of many not for the benefit of one. Know your source, because you can’t operate fully outside it. Know your resources, if you don’t know the resources available to you, how can you use it effectively. Maintain the right environment, a fish can’t survive on dry land, so you can’t survive in a negative environment.

MAXIMIZING Your Potential

In summary, you have the nature of God and He designed you to be limitless!
Go and get your own copy, read and chew and digest it!
If you want big fish, you dig deeper!
Life without purpose is an experiment.
Life without purpose is meaningless.

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