Six Things You Should Do Before 20

Nigeria teenager

Nigeria teenager

1. Find God (anyway you can find him):-
There is no better way to enjoy your teenage years than you deliberately living for God, it’s the best thing that can happen to you.

2. Sharpen your reading and writing skills :- Yeah develop a good reading habit. You have no idea what that alone can do to your life. Also develop how to write, how to construct a sentence, how to use punctuation and all. (Some of us are using old age to learn that)

3. Join a youth group and be active :- Don’t just live life as a lone ranger, join a youth movement, preferably a Christian one and be actively involved in it, you will learn a whole lot of things there.

4. Get into school: Yeah I know admission struggle in Nigeria is not a joking stuvs, but I think you can still get into school early if you dot all your I(s) and cross all your T(s) well. You don’t want to get into school old its not funny(speaking from experience)

5. Try your hands on business :- DON’T just sit there collecting money from mummy and daddy, try your hands on stuff. I remember I tried a whole lot of stuff while growing up, from making cards, to selling cold EVE, to selling ice water ( if you know what that is).

6. Build a good relationship with daddy and mummy:- I know this is tough, in fact it can be the toughest to do amongst the six but if you do, you will be thankful you did.

If you are above 20 and you didnt do any of these, it’s never too late to start

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