Are men really SCUM?

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It’s no longer news to the guys on twitter that the ladies [at least some of them] have actually agreed that Men Are Scum. In a bid to either emphasize their point or to disagree with them, some have been jammed [only the twitter people can understand this], talked to trash or even commended.

For the benefit of those who aren’t active on twitter or probably have no idea what scum means, a scum is a dishonest, unkind, or unpleasant person.

I believe that it’s very easy to conclude that men are scum when you’ve never really nurtured a relationship all your life outside the walls of twitter, you’ve never had a taste of what the real world looks like or you’re just plainly lazy.

You think men have it all easy in their lives? Men have challenges too. They go though hard stuff. Do you even know of the many sleepless nights of reading books, praying, digging deep into several personal development materials all towards achieving excellence in life.

Many of us never even have an idea what fatherhood looks like but we take out time to learn. Falling and rising as we go. We struggle to get everything right: dressing, relationship with God, career and even go the extra mile to get mentored by people who we believe can give us a headway in life.

We go through really deep emotionally challenging times but society believes a man must not cry so we bottle it all inside. Not to talk of the endless temptations that are lurking around.

Sadly, some of us fall but we still struggle to find out way.

In a bid to find the way back, some even get more confused and quit the struggle while others press on and get it all fixed. Life offers us so little, yet, we strive to make the best out of it and stand tall ?. Please ladies we all deserve more. I know we have weaknesses here and here but don’t we all do? Have we said we aren’t working on them?

Now, this isn’t to say that there aren’t men that are misrepresenting the men folk by hurting women and their emotions. I’m strongly against that too. The question is “aren’t there women who do the same thing or even worse than the men you call scum?” To think that recently, I saw pictures on twitter of men been abused physically in relationships.

So, stop generalizing your inability to find good men and sustain your relationship. Work on yourself as we also work on ours.

Peace out! ✌
For the Men Folk that are not scum ☺

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