5 Things We Learnt At Camp Joseph 2016

Camp Joseph 2017

Camp Joseph 2017
We were at the just concluded Camp Joseph 2016 that held at Faith Academy, Canaan Land, Otta. It started on the 27th and ended on the 30th of December. The theme was Grace For Excellence. It was a spectacular gathering organised by Young Disciples International, YDi.

We live tweeted some sessions but just in case you haven’t come acrossed any content whatsoever on #CampJoseph16, you can still pick one or two things from this post.

1. On Purity

We live in a world where sex has been bastardized and is no longer sacred. Sex outside marriage will bring shame and destruction. Sex outside marriage is not just a sin, it is a great wickedness against God. If you don’t want to be wounded or slain, stay pure. Sex is not just a sin, it is a great wickedness against God.

To stay sexually pure:

  • Be spiritual
  • Be proactive
  • Flee

Also, set standards and boundaries to stay pure in a relationship. Sex is a continuum, once touched it’s hard to stop. The Covenant of Purity is not only for Singles but also for Married people as well.

2. Excellence in Career

When a man is not well embedded in sanctification, when you begin to experience wealth pride will come. God will not help you sell an inferior good, offer the best product and you have a guarantee that God will sell it. Deliver service excellently. Your product has to be the best.

3. Excellence in Relationship

Your best is a function of your mentality. A person who is not able to reach out to God cannot reach out to you. God should be the binding factor in your relationship. The God factor in your relationship cannot be overemphasized.

4. Excellence in Spirituality

So many young people do not know the reason for their lives. We are pilgrims on earth. We are on a journey. You are the architect of your destiny. If you are not excellent in spirituality, you have missed it, no matter how excellent you are in other areas.

5. Grace For Excellence

Excellence is a lifestyle not a destination. People say they want excellence in their life, but can’t follow through in the pursuit. You can start the pursuit of #Excellence from where you are. The life of just enough is no longer good enough for Christians.

God has placed so much value on you, you have to value yourself to Balance the equation. So many Christians have down graded themselves. In the eyes of God you are not Cheap, it took the blood of Jesus. So many Christians have down graded themselves. Excellence is about being the best in all things.

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