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So it’s the end of the year already and for so many people, 2016 was a mix of good, bad and ugly. While we await the many goodies wrapped in 2017, it’d be great for us to plan ahead of the year and watch awesomeness come to reality.

For some, they have been able to put a couple of things into writing and also praying to God about the things to come in the year, some others are still busy dancing around and merrying during this period and some others are just confused about what to do.

There’s a popular quote I’d like to tweak here. It says “The best time to plan for 2017 was last month. The next best time is now. Like, right now”

I have listed a few things in a very simple way that you can follow through and can guide you this remaining few hours into knowing what exactly to do in terms of planning, setting goals, your new year resolutions and all of that.

This is an inexhaustible list but I’d just go through and you can also add a few things you deem fit

1. Take stock.
This is the point where you are very honest with yourself and sit to practically review how the year was for you.
Did you set goals?
This is the time to bring them out and see which of them you were unable to follow through. If you didn’t set goals for the year, don’t hurt yourself. Just take a pen and paper and jot down the things you felt you achieved this year and the things you did not that you should have

2. Evaluate failures and talk on how you could have worked on them

This is a very important one. After taking stock, the next step is to evaluate the places where you knew you didn’t perform too well. You weren’t always meeting deadlines hence, lost so many jobs? Could it have been that you sleep too much?
You could have a mentor around on this one just to make sure you don’t justify yourself out of some things.

3. Meet people

If you can, call your mentors and fix meetings. Why? You need to ask questions. Ask them how you could have done better in the year. Ask them what they believe can help increase your productivity and a lot more.
Are you starting a new business in 2017? Try to meet people who have gone ahead in this line and can be instrumental in charting a sustainable path for you.
4. Make plans

From the past three steps, you would have gotten ideas of some things you would need to drop and some you would need to start doing in the new year. So, start making plans. No delay.


5. Set goals

For those who don’t have an idea on how to set goals, there are a couple of goal setting templates around that can help you through. You could also log on to There’s a goal setting template there that can help you through. The major thing is Dream big, start small and Grow! Let your goals be simple but big enough to motivate you
6. Pray.

I wish I could scream as I write this. You would have wondered why I kept this at the bottom. I was only saving the best for the last. I cannot underestimate the power of prayer. It simplifies things. I get marvelous ideas in the place of prayer that have helped me in my life and if you don’t have a relationship with God, there’s no better time than now to talk to him and build a relationship.
He loves you

  • I wish you a very awesome 2017.
    Let’s hear what you feel in the comment box below.
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