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Funto Ibuoye is an inspiration. What does she do that doesn’t inspire us… You can spend the whole day on her Timeline getting fired up.

Check out 20 of her Posts that we put together just for you, if you have seen them before, you should see them again. They are awesome like that.

Besides, there are more posts we would have love to select but we thought “100 Funto Ibuoye Posts That Inspired Us in 2016” for an headline might scare you. 🙂 Make sure you pay attention to the Captions too.


It’s been A WEEK!!!!!!!!! Communicating with 3 clients simultaneously; shouting at artisans and getting worked up over timelines and deliveries; bathing, breastfeeding, caring for and doing school runs for GB, cooking, cleaning and washing plates, responding to some emails and messages, keeping tabs on beautified blog team, going to markets, not really spending time with God, falling really sick, getting totally stressed out and lashing it all out on hubs!! This week, I’ve been the worst version of myself that I know of… This morning I apologized to hubs for the 100th time saying I really felt bad about my action a couple of nights ago (you don’t want to know what I did) and he said something really profound… He said he had forgiven me, he had forgiven himself and God had forgiven me too so I should forgive myself already… Hmmm it’s not like I didn’t know this before.. I have even said the same words to some other people but I needed to be reminded.. my self-righteous self found it hard to forgive myself for something God had already forgiven me for and I kept beating myself over it.. like how could I have ever done that??? Me ? Funto Ibuoye.. proverbs 31 woman, virtuous wife???? Hahaha .. then hubs said something that crowned it all for me- “this just shows that we are not perfect and we need Jesus” and then I realized that this week it’s been less of Jesus and more of ME! Somehow I had gotten too busy and too stressed and that’s a strategy the enemy uses to keep God’s children from spending time with Him… ° ° ° So when I get messages from people saying they want to be like me, I’m like if only you knew… You don’t want to see me in my “un-Jesus” moments… So when I look at pictures like this of myself, I’m reminded that Jesus is the ONLY one that’s makes my life truly beautiful… My prayer is that you’d want to be like Jesus not like Funto Ibuoye or anybody else for that matter… Because Funto Ibuoye without Jesus is a complete wreck! #Happy Friday #FavouredForgivenandFabulousFunto #Blessed

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I’ve read and re-read Romans 9 like six times this morning (Message Version)… I’ve cried in awe of how extremely AMAZING God is.. and even AMAZING is now such an understatement to describe… God is truly indescribable!! I want to share the whole chapter especially this part–> “If each grain of sand on the seashore were numbered and the sum labeled “chosen of God,” They’d be numbers still, not names; salvation comes by personal selection. God doesn’t count us; he calls us by name. Arithmetic is not his focus.” This made me screaaaaaammmmmm… God doesn’t count us in numbers, we are not a mere statistic or group of people called “chosen of God” God calls EACH one of us by name!!! Realizing the depth of this made me cry…. I just love you Lord!!!! However, these ending verses are really instructive… ° ° ° The people who we least expect to embrace God are the very ones who end up embracing Him and He straightens out their lives… But we His children (Isreal… Feeling like we know God too much) who seem so interested in reading and talking about what God is doing, missed it. How could we miss it? Because instead of trusting God, we took over. We were so absorbed in our “God projects” that we didn’t notice God right in front of us…. Hmmm!!!!!!!!! A classic reminder that spiritual busyness does not build spiritual strength. This is for all of us ‘ministers’ ° ° ° But it doesn’t even end there…. It continues to say that even when we miss it and hit a ‘stumbling block’ God is that stumbling block we run into!! Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can’t escape from God’s will for our lives!!! ° ° ° God your ways are beyond understanding… I’d never fully understand You but my life is fully sold out to You!!!

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Two years already!!!! It’s been God all the way. I’ve grown a whole lot! I’m way wiser than the Funto I was this day 2 years ago! And above all I’ve seen our marriage mantra literally coming to life–> There’s no sorcery against Akinade nor any divination against Olufunto. It is NOW said of Akinade and Olufunto “Oh what a great thing God has done!” We rise to our feet like a lioness, stretched and lifted like a lion; leaders and frontliners in our industries, with the total and complete victory God has given us in all areas of our lives, we are now a shining beacon, attracting attention to God’s kingdom and bringing Glory to His name. We are successful in the home front and prosperous in the market place. Numbers 23:23-25 This is the Word on which our marriage is built and we declare it DAILY.. we’ve been declaring this since even before we got married and I see this word literally manifest in our lives and it’s just the beginning. I’m so honoured to be doing this life with you Akinademi… It couldn’t have been anyone else! You’re not just my husband, you’re my dad, big brother, priest, king, friend, business partner, accountant, lover and baby… you know just when to wear all these hats and you play all the roles perfectly… All of me totally loves all of you!! Looking forward to forever and eternity with you Adunayemi! #TheIbuoyes #Blessed #twoyearsdownforevertogo #idstillchooseyouinthenextlife #proudlyruthabokoku

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Few hours ago at my very first corporate engagement…At PZ Cussons Head Office speaking to the vibrant, young and beautiful winners of the #StyleandLuxury competition by @imperialleatherng ° ° ° This is really interesting for me because I have this confession I declare regularly, gotten from one of the emails I receive from @marshawnevans like three years ago and I wrote it out and turned it into a declaration; part of it says “I travel, coach others into their greatness, publish best-selling books, set out on mega media tours and MAKE A MONTHS PAY IN A SINGLE DAY as I inspire and change people’s lives.” ° ° ° Today, I actually got paid a months pay in a single day or actually in a couple of minutes… Because not too long ago, I was working on a job I wasn’t really fulfilled on, earning a little less than what I got from speaking today in a month… Only God could have done that and He gets all the glory!!! So… Remind me again why you’re not living in your purpose? #livingmylifelikeitsgolden #becauseitactuallyis #purposedriven #walkingonwater #blessed #beautified #Hemakesmylifesooooobeautiful Photo credit by my one and only @gaisebaba yes he came to gimme moral support. I love you forever plus a day babe????? #anniversaryloading

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One of the amazing volunteer photographers at #BeautifiedDIVASeries Abuja said she wanted to take a picture of me alone sitting and she gave me this placard to hold… I didn’t even see what it was until I saw the picture.. indeed I’m a warrior, an Amazon, A Divinely Inspired Virtuous Amazon! Came across this #TheWarriorWife message on Whatsapp and I had to save it!! So thought to share… The warrior wife knows marriage is difficult, particularly if you don’t put the time & effort into building a strong foundation. It gets easier with time, but during the process of growing into mature, selfless spouses, marriage requires a will to fight for the union. Marriage is not for the weak-minded or soft-hearted. Marriage is for warriors. To be a Warrior-wife you must be willing to go to war for your marriage. This doesn’t mean you are paranoid about something going wrong. What it means is that you take proactive steps to strengthen the marriage bond & protect your family from negative influences. So, if & when trouble comes, your marriage will withstand hard times. Here are 10 ways I believe wives can be warriors for their marriages 1. A PRAYER WARRIOR :* a wife who knows the power of prayer. She intercedes for her husband & children. She doesn’t wait for hard times to pray; she prays in good times & in bad times. When her husband needs prayer, he asks his wife because he knows she has a deep relationship with God. Her prayers soothe and comfort her family. They rebuke evil and cast out negativity. They declare goodness & favor in their lives. Not only does she pray, but she also believes what she prays. 2. A WORSHIP WARRIOR:* a wife who is not afraid to praise & worship God. She knows where her help comes from, & she expresses her gratefulness wherever & whenever the Spirit moves her. “Thank you, Lord,” is her praise song. 3. A WORD WARRIOR :* a wife who uses her words to speak life & wisdom to her husband & children. She knows how to encourage herself & her family in the Lord. Her words heal, comfort & correct with love. On the other hand, she doesn’t hesitate to speak in defense of her family when others try to harm them. More in next post..

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4. A MOTHER WARRIOR :* A wife who doesn’t play when it comes to her children. She teaches them about God, about respect for themselves & about the importance of family. A mother-warrior believes her role as a mother is a divine responsibility & that God will hold her accountable for how she rears her children. As such, she does whatever it takes to make sure her children feel safe & loved; are fed & clothed; & are educated properly 5. A FINANCIAL WARRIOR :* a wife who can take a few francs & make a meal that tastes like a million bucks. She doesn’t complain about what the family doesn’t have; instead, she knows how to make do with what they do have. She plans for rainy days & helps her husband provide for the family. 6. A DISCERNMENT WARRIOR :* a wife with a sixth sense to see & feel what’s good & what’s bad for the marriage. Because she prays regularly & hears from God, she can sense when someone has malicious intentions towards her family or when someone is a genuine friend. 7. A HOUSEHOLD WARRIOR :* a wife who protects the peace & sanctity of the home. She doesn’t allow negativity to infiltrate the home environment because she knows the home should be the safest place in the world for her family. 8. A SEXUAL WARRIOR :* a wife who isn’t afraid to enjoy physical intimacy with her husband. She initiates sex & enjoys pleasing her husband. When the love life goes lacking or gets monotonous, she steps up to re-energize things. 9. A CONFIDENCE WARRIOR :* a wife who makes her man feel like he can do anything he sets his mind to. She is a constant encourager who believes in her husband even when he doesn’t believe in himself. 10. A PURPOSE DRIVEN WARRIOR :* a wife who knows that God has a purpose for her marriage. She’s willing to fight for it when others say she should give up. She partners with her husband to achieve their marriage & family goals. Her motto is “Let’s do this!” I want to encourage you to embrace the warrior inside of you. As wives & future-wives, we don’t have to accept whatever life throws at us. God made us in His image, which means we have the power to create the marriages & lives we deserve and desire.

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I feel like preaching some more this afternoon! So I remember there was a time when the standard man for Christian ladies was a man who was good looking, tongue speaking, demon slaying, money making, good boy… The devil found out and because he knows we church girls won’t go to the night clubs and parties he decided to send his guys to the church and they look exactly like the standard- good looking, tongues speaking, demon slaying etc God already warned us about such men in 2nd Timothy 3:1-7 especially verses 5-7 ; verse 5 says “They will look like they are religious but deny God’s power. Avoid men like this.” Another version says “They have a form of godliness but deny its power.” MSG version says “They’ll make a show of religion but behind the scenes, they are animals.” And then verses 6 and 7- “Some will slither into households and control immature women who are burdened with sins and driven by all kinds of desires. These women are always learning, but they can never arrive at an understanding of the truth.” MSG version says These are the kind of people who smooth-talk themselves into the homes of unstable and needy women and take advantage of them; women who, depressed by their sinfulness, take up with every new religious fad that calls itself “truth.” Dear single sisters, don’t be like these immature women!!!! Don’t let the enemy keep you down and depressed wallowing in the pit of shame and guilt because of your past sins causing you to be needy and unstable… the moment you truly confessed and repented, God forgave you and blotted out your sins; He doesn’t even remember them. So it’s not about whether the guy speaks in tongues, or cries during worship in service or is a cell leader or youth pastor… Is he a GOD man??? And the only way you can truly know is to abide truly in God and ask Him for the spirit of DISCERNMENT… Because only God sees the hearts of men and if you are firmly abiding in Him, you’d be able to discern who’s real from who just has a form of godliness.

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When I tell people I have no iota of envy for anyone, I get this weird look…. Truly I don’t because I honestly see no reason to… And few times when the enemy tries to sow seeds of envy in my heart I counter it immediately by praying for the person until I get to that point where I’m truly rejoicing for the person. There’s this confession hubs sent to me long ago when we were still dating, I printed it out and spoke it out to myself EVERY morning… I still confess it now but weekly.. Part of it says- “I love to live and I live to love, I am a loving child of a loving God, the love of God is shed abroad in my heart through the Holy Ghost. I do not gossip, envy or hate, there is no jealousy in me and I wish everybody well in all their endeavors,  I sincerely and whole-heartedly rejoice with them that rejoice and mourn with them that mourn.” God is too wise to mistakenly give anyone my own blessing!! .

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I’m no longer a slave to fear I AM OF CHILD OF GOD!????

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Since we are at it at, I’d like every single person to read up this post I came across last week… Some days ago a very close friend of mine was recounting to me how another friend of hers reacted when she told her that I was her friend.. she said something like “oh so you’re Funto’s friend.. that virgin girl???” She said she felt I was too ‘rigid’ about the whole virginity thing and didn’t share my views about it.. Like I was against those who already lost their virginity… Obviously that’s not right… I’m not against anybody but I won’t stop advocating for staying a virgin until marriage and staying pure until Jesus comes. And so I read this article and I felt like the writer took the words out of my heart.. “Yes, virginity might not be a key to heaven, but it might just be the key to avoiding unhealthy relationships, unnecessary heart breaks, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted and teenage pregnancies etc” and can I add SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DEMONS aka SOUL TIES… Some Sundays ago hubs said we should attend @mywaterbrook church and interestingly Pastor Rapu was preaching about soul ties and he explained it in a very practical way that made my heart really weep for my generation… If you truly understand this soul tie thing, trust me nobody will tell you to FLEE sexual sins… And what was even annoying me was that some of the people I was sitting around during that service didn’t seem to get the depth of the message, they were just laughing and trying to make jest of it and I saw some young ladies also walk out of the service while Pst Tony was still preaching… My heart really weeps for this generation and especially those of us who call ourselves Christians… See the devil is not even joking at all… He’s awake 24/7 plus even extra time stealing killing and destroying destinies and his major tool is sex… Hmm! If you can please get that message by pst Tony from @mywaterbrook I hope it’s available for sale.. also read this article here http://sundayadelajablog.com/virginity-become-myth-generation-part-1/ (see bio) #NoSexUntilMarriage #SexualPurity #Virginity

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Woke up with this song in my heart… All I am Lord here before You Reaching out for more You’re the promise never failing You are my reward, Jesus, You are my reward I let go of all I have just to have all of You And no matter what the cost I will follow You Jesus everything I’ve lost I have found in You When I finally reach the end I’ll say You are worth it all There’s no riches or earthly treasure That will satisfy Every longing is for You Jesus Set this heart on fire Oh, set this heart on fire I let go of all I have just to have all of You And no matter what the cost I will follow You Jesus everything I’ve lost I have found in You When I finally reach the end I’ll say You are worth it all!! #Worthitall #WorshipCentral #GodOverEverything

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This!!!!! If you’re not daily taking steps to #becoming the woman God created you to be, you’re certainly wasting your time here.. asides your husband and children who are your primary assignment, your society and the world at large needs you to use all the gifts God has placed inside to make the world better.. There are so many destinies attached to your purpose and if you do not fulfill that purpose, you’d be denying those attached to you of fulfilling theirs. Your life is worth much more than makeup, clothes, shoes and bags… and your purpose is deeper than just going to school, getting married and paying bills. Take a pause and really ask yourself these questions- “Who am I really becoming?” “Am I becoming who God created me to be?” “Am I trying to fit in and become what people expect of me?” “Am I using my gifts and talents to make my society better?” If you’re not satisfied with some of your answers to these questions, then you should be at #BecomingConference2016 BECOMING is more than a physical gathering of young beautiful women listening to the stories of older women… from the testimonies received from last year’s conference, I know that truly there was unexplainable grace that was available during the conference and I am certain that this grace will be made available again at this year’s conference. To register- bit.ly/becomingconf2 (check bio) if you’re having issues paying via the link, kindly send an email to beautifiednetwork@gmail.com and alternative account details will be forwarded to you. Group discounts are available- 10% for a group of 5 and 20% for a group of 10; so tag all your girlfriends. For the group discount, send an email to beautifiednetwork@gmail.com for account details. Looking forward to seeing you at BECOMING 2.0!!

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Every time I think about all my lofty dreams and start feeling scared if they will ever come true, I remember this!!! And I once heard someone say “always bite more than you can chew and let God help you chew the ones you can’t.” Yes indeed, I’m not going to let fear cripple my dreams and I’m not going to stop dreaming big… who small dreams don epp??? Haha… God’s not checking my bank account that absolutely doesn’t look anything like it now; He’s working with my faith!! And I BELIEVE that sooner than I know all my BIG dreams will begin to fall into place regardless of whether fuel pump price is now N145 or tomatoes are now more expensive than apples…because I have a BIG daddy who can do ALL things!!! So what’s that BIG dream you have, don’t let fear steal it from you! #MakeItHappenMonday #Blessed #Beautified #Becoming

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I know this so well!!!!! Just keep moving forward; you’d only understand most things in hindsight.

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This!!!!! Great marriages are made with God at the center of it all!

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