5 Ways to Get Closer to God in 2017

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One thing that every Christian should desire is a working relationship with God. Even in the midst of the up and downs, God still wants to get closer to us. This list is probably something that you have seen before but then it is the will to carry them out that matters. In 2017, have it in mind that it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose. So lean on him, but play your part.


Go to Church more often

Yes, this is one of the most important. Drop that habit of stabbing church in 2017. Church brings with it that opportunity to grow and be more expressive. Having a group of people to support you will help you in your journey with God. Do not forsake the gathering of the brethren. There’s a blessing in worshiping God together – call it congregational blessing. Besides, online church does not count.

And don’t just go to church. Be the church.


Read and meditate on God’s word

Even God exalts his words above all of his names; Psalm 138:2. That’s how important his words are – and it available on our fingertips. When you wake up in the morning, put God first. Dig into his word and hear him for yourself. Don’t read and meditate on your phone or on your connected phone, you’ll find yourself on Linda Ikeji in no time.

Meditation means thinking on those things that you have read and studied. Act on them for it is in the doing of the words that we become more blessed.


Give less attention to secular stuffs

Apostle Paul in one of his letters, admonishes us to place our focus on things above and not on things in the world. It is what you give attention to that will keep resonating in your mind. You cannot consume Olamide Badoo in the morning, afternoon and night concurrently and expect that deep connection that your pastor usually have; (Badoo, forgive me if you’re reading this post).

Filter what you take in, voluntarily. Filter your Twitter TL too. There are a lot of Christian accounts you can follow.


Prioritize prayer

Pray always and fast once in a while. The word of God and prayer go hand in hand. If you believe in Speaking in tongues, do it also. It will set your day rolling and keep you sensitive to the holy spirit.


Keep Godly relationships

The peeple around you influence you to a great extent – same with the kinds of people you follow in Twitter and other social media too. Keep godly people around, not religious ones. Be like the psalmist in Psalm 1, and walk with the godly. You’ll be blessed. Deep calls unto deep. Most of the time, you’ll attract who you are. Strive to get better.

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