The Difference between Living and Existing


The issue of purpose is something that needs to be discussed because there are a lot of youths and even adults out there who do not why they are existing, they  are living a life that is not their own.  Majorities are faced with what we call “identity crises”, they are in search for the real self but they can only discover who they really are in God.

There are various explanations or definitions of purpose, just recently I was able to arrive at my own.

“Purpose is the vision God has given you to run with”

Hab 2:2-3a says ‘write my answers plainly on tablets, so that a runner can carry the correct message to others, this vision is for a future time. It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled.

Purpose can also be said to be “finding your habitat and inhabiting it” – just like aquatic animals can only survive inside the water.

Simply put Purpose is “the reason for your existence”

Note that there is a difference between living and existing. Majority fall in the former category, they are just living.

People that are living are those that live a life of the “status quo” – doing things the same way others have been doing it, no progress, no improvement, no development. Those that are impacting lives, adding values to things and people and running with a vision are the ones – existence.

Albert Einstein said that “we can’t solve problems using them same thinking we used when creating it”. You possess the divine and creative abilities of God; our God is a creator so we have to create things too. You were not born an onlooker; you were born a “solution” and a “problem solver”.

Nothing exists for itself. Not even the ants that is as tiny as anything. Prov 6:6 said we should observe them and be wise. You don’t exist for yourself; we are all on an assignment to carry a “message” to world so you have to be sure you are carrying the “correct” message.


The likes of Martin Luther king, Smith Wigglesworth, Kenneth Haggins, Myles Munroe, John C. Maxwell, Joyce Meyer, Leke Alder, Praise Fowowe, Olakunle Soriyan, Faith Oyedepo, Sam Adeyemi, Toyosi Akerele, Fela Durotoye, Adebayo Ebenezer Success, Ola Purpose James Asu, Omotola Akinsola and a whole a lot of others have or are fulfilling purpose!

They lived or are living for something that they are ready to die for!

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There is a popular quote that says “What you are living for must be worth dying for”. Jesus had to die for us so that we can be saved. He came to this earth knowing that he was here “to do His father’s business”. He knew His purpose, that’s why He was able to achieve it despite all the odds.

Someone once said that “There are two most important days in a man’s life: the day he was born and the day he knows “why” he is existing.

But if we look around us, even our parents… Some of them, didn’t know this in their early years. A lot of people especially youths are living confused lives because they are outside the will of God. They are searching for the real self but in the wrong place or from the wrong set of people.


There’s Godly wisdom and worldly wisdom. Most of us are trying to operate our life without our manufacturer’s manual.

If you operate outside God, He is not responsible for whatever happens to you, just like when you operate an appliance without its manual and you get hurt, it’s not your manufacturer’s fault but yours, don’t be the enemy of yourself.


Your purpose is greater than everything. Your purpose is your life!

So, you see why there is an urgent need for the youths to discover their purpose of existence on time.

God will help us… When you are sure of what God says about you, you follow. He is your creator, He alone has the manual, so go to Him because everyone will account for their life individually and there will be no excuse.


If you want to live a significant life, an excellent life, a purposeful life, a successful life, a live that others can follow as a legacy… go back to your creator and DISCOVER your purpose.


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