Let Go of Past Hurts, Cos’ God’s Got You

They say it’s as easy as anything, why then does it haunt me?
They say it’s all about totally submitting everything to God,  why then is the memory fresh in my head?
How can I move on to something better when am not done crying over the already done damage?

How is it possible that God can forgive and forget ALL our sins and offences and crimes and all the naughty things we do to hurt Him, knowingly or not?
How is it that He would look past our offences and still bless us marvelously, such that the world is amazed at how your story turned out eventually?

Photo Credit: WanderingtheWorld (www.ChrisFord.com) via Compfight cc

I guess the answer is simple,
AND I’m me.

That’s reason enough, to forget all my offences of yesterday and move on to a fresh tomorrow.
Believing that He has forgiven me and forgotten all about them.
He is LOVE so He need not remember,there’s nothing to haunt Him , there’s nothing to bring back guilt and pain.
Not that He can’t remember, He WON’T – ‘Cos all He sees is Love.

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