Some Heads-up on Parenting

Written by EERAY Counselling Ministries

With the way our society is turning out, it can only be suspected that if care is not taken things can go way out of hand that it is already; and knowing that our societies are made up of individual families, it only makes sense to know that one of the easiest ways of changing our society is to change the way our family system works which will in turn affect the way our societies turn out.

Families are the foundation/bedrock on which the society is built. This piece aims at giving some heads up on ways of making the society at large a better one by the way the parents do their duties in the family. Parenting is a calling, it goes beyond just fathering or giving birth to a new offspring, it is a calling which GOD upholds. It is a trust in which GOD bestows for on an individual to partner with HIM in nurturing, training, guiding a new being unto maturity. An example in the Bible is that of mosses’ parent (Exodus 2:9). Parenting thus has a time frame. It is till the offspring is able to stand on his or her own.

Some examples of parents from the Bible: Abraham, Hannah, Isaac, etc. Abraham is called the father of faith, some of what we can learn from him include, in Genesis 18:19 he had a testimony of he being known by GOD, commanding his children and household after himself, that his family and household will obey the way of GOD, he will do righteousness. Hannah on the other hand was said in 1Samuel 1 that she nurtured her child, weaned her children.

Some Heads up

Teach your children to know GOD, train them in the way of the LORD and they will not depart

from it (Proverb 22:6).

You should know that times are always changing; therefore new times call for new methods even

though knowing that principles don’t change, methods do. Don’t train your children the exact

way your parents trained you, make improvement.

Train your children to be honest, to obey those older than them in the LORD, to respect the

elderly, to know the ancient land marks (culture, language etc).

Be your child friend, have a relationship with your child, study them, get to know who they are

in person. Be friends with their friend.


Don’t lord things over them, they are also reasonable, do explain the reason and need for your

decisions for them, it will teach them the need to plan and taking decisions in life, they deserve

such. Encourage them to take decisions and ensure they view the pros and cons of their

decisions; also ensure that they know the consequences of their actions.

Parents should not anger their children or push them to wrath (Ephesians 6:4), because this can

discourage them. Children do look up to their parents. This could be done by abusing their rights

as a child, physical, emotional, financial etc abuse.

Be nice to them; reward your children when they do excellently. Teach them the importance of

handwork, being diligent.

Teach them to cultivate a reading habit, to love their family, neighbors etc.

Help your children to discover their talents and encourage them to get trained in their areas of

gifting. Let them get hands-on experience in that which they are gifted in early in life.

Ensure that your children know that you love them, and no matter what, that you will be there for




Listening: to GOD’s commandment, Bible reading, fellowship with GOD to know HIS mind for

each child

Obeying: listening/knowing is not enough; there is need for application of knowledge.

Love: love GOD, your spouse, your children; in that order.

Teaching: to be diligent, repeated, naturally and personal with each child.

We sure these heads up when practice will help foster a change in your family and the society at



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