Knowing God’s Character

By Ronke Olutoye


‘Good and upright is the Lord: therefore will he teach sinners in the way’.
Someone’s character is a distinguishing feature. It is what is used to identify a person, what a person is known for. Our father, creator God is known for being a good God. Being good means being favorable, beneficial, pleasant, useful, enjoyable e.t.c.

Knowing God for who He is will help us in how we relate with Him. God is the one that gives to all men generously without finding faults (James 1:5). So we can go to God and ask Him for anything we want in Jesus name and He will give it to us as long as it is according to His purpose i.e it is for His glory.

Also, since God is a good God, as children of God, our Father God, longs to do us good. Not because of what we have done but because he is a Good God and because we are His children. Let us note that, God is not committed to being good to those that are not His children. Everybody that has not accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour do not have God as their father, they have another father which is the Devil (John 8:44). And the Devil is such a wicked, bad father.

Just as our earthly parents, give us gifts and does good to us , so also our heavenly father always wants to do us good and give us good gifts (Matt 7:11). The bible says that our father, God knows all about what we need even before we ask of Him (Luke 12:30).
Hence, knowing that we have a Father, that is good and always wants to do us good, not because of what we do but because of who He is (GOOD) and who we are (His children), let us live each day with confidence and gratefulness for all He has done for us and the good things He is still going to do.

I love to call God ‘OLOORE’. It’s a Yoruba name for someone that does good to people. That is who he is ‘Good’. Call God ‘good’ in your own language today, because that is who he is. God is my OLOORE. The God that does me Good!

Dear heavenly father, I praise you because you are a good God, and you always want to do me good and give me good things because I am your child. For every good gifts I have received from you and for every good gifts you are still going to bring into my life, I say thank you. Amen.

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