Milestone reached- Mount Zion Hit The 100th Movie!

The pioneer of Mount Zion Faith Ministries International, Mike Bamiloye yesterday announced a milestone reach in movie production as Mount Zion hits its 100th movie. The 100th movie titled “His Standard”  was said to have been produced by Isreal Bamidele and qualified as the 100th movie because of the appropriateness of the title.

According to him, real movie production just started as he has heard from God. He said “I was thinking of getting back home and gathering my brethren in Mount Zion and telling them to slow down. I was on my knees in prayers with turbulent heart when I heard the Lord spoke: “You have not actually really began making real movies. Mount Zion will start making real movies when your movies hit 100. When you hit 100 movies, then, you will begin to make real movies.””

“What actually qualified Israel Bamidele’s movie to be the chosen one among the last four was not in the order of release but in the appropriateness of title.”

Mont zion is set to hit its viewers with another set of fresh movies by the end of this year with about 10 movies already in production aside the 100.

He said “Therefore, the counting has begun all over again….in December 2014, we should be counting another 8 to 10 movies.”

“Beyond the 100 Movie Mark, we have another six movies, already shot and edited waiting to be released in December, and before then, four or five movie locations are lining up among the Mount Zion movie producers, among these is the land mark production. RUPANTAR” A major Hindi language movie and shot entirely in New Delhi, acted by Christian Indians. Indeed, according to the Word of the Lord, we have just began to make real movies.”

Mount Zion crew in Action

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