Gaise Pours It All Out…

Award winning celebrity Akinade Ibuoye (@gaisebaba)  took to twitter this morning pouring out his heart about the church and the society. Below are the tweets and some interaction from the tweets. FYI, this tweets got some well deserved attention.

The church fulfils it’s mandate when it changes society, not when it is confined to its sanctuary and Sunday school classrooms. #gleaned

This isolation of the church from the world has led to ineffectiveness and failure to carry out the Great Commission.

The Great Commission mandate is to go out and disciple nations.

Ministry is what you do to bring your life and sphere of influence under Kingdom rule.

We are not called to huddle inside the church sanctuary but to restore the kingdom of God to the world.

God holds the church responsible for societies.

The church is to be the training ground for people who will impact the society around them.

Last 7 point, I gleaned from ‘church shift’ by Sunday Adelaja. And I will now try and narrow it down to music and Christian music.

Then he started…

I think our definition and understanding of Christian/Gospel Music limits us greatly. Especially in these side of the world.” Emphasis on ‘I think’ so these are simply my thoughts, my musings.

What most folks here see and rate as ‘gospel/christian’ music, is really ‘temple’ music; music that aids worship, and church service.” Temple music is for the saved. We need to do stuff as well that will shine God’s light to the world. Which of us has done a song on rape?

I wrote ‘Little Drops’ cos I’m passionate about #Nigeria and the polity. What are you passionate about? What irks you? Write a song on it. Who is writing a song on homosexuality and communicating God’s view without judging? Not everytime worship songs.. Think!

We are the light of the world. Are we really shining? We’re a city set on a hill. Are we really visible? Relevant? We should ask ourselves these tough questions as often as possible. If these few tweets strike a chord with you, then God is calling deeper!

Love, governance, sex, childhood and raising kids, old age, fun, habits… We should have songs on these and more done by Christians! Take sex for example. If U read Songs of Solomon well & get revelations ehn, it will shock you what God put in the Bible. So why we dey shy?

Most, if not All the songs on sex are done by the world. So where is the young guy and bubbly babe meant to hear the TRUTH?

How about writing a song on how you’re really, really, REALLY looking forward to getting married so you can FINALLY have sex? With that, you’ve subtly sent the ‘sex is for married people’ message without actually throwing it at people’s faces.

God says we should be wise as serpents and gentle (innocent) as doves. He mentioned the serpent part first. Selah.

Between that part of “really, REALLY looking forward… ” That’s me right there mehn! I’ve got 28 years of virginity to POUR into ONE woman. Anyway, enough said. I hope y’all get the point. There’s plenty of work to be done. The devil ain’t smiling, but we’re MORE THAN CONQUERORS!

Then came reactions on social media

Gaise I believe there is away of singing all these and winning soul still….. UCHEUGO

There are people called to make ‘temple’ music. Don Moen is a prime example. But not every one of us should be doing that… Gaise

Thus the christian musicians must make sure he employs media that would reach the secular without compromising the message… easykalu

Gaise,your thoughts on church, temple or gospel music are on point. Citing the influence of Church Shift by Sunday Adelaja is good news… Yoma Victor

The church is to be the training ground for people who will impact the society around them, not a hiding place for Christians… Seyiblaze

Even celebrities were not left out.

The tweets got so powerful @Nosaalways “misplaced” his Retweet button.

Er… but thank God he eventually found it.

Now you are talking my aburo… PraiseFowowe

All these tweets on gospel music by Gaise are so on point!… Nolly_CIA

Gaise just tweeted the truth. He that has eyes and ears… Sokleva Hughes


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