Now Our Boys Are Missing…


Fifty young men were said to have been abducted earlier this weekend and now another set of hundred young men; which makes me wonder which is more important… the Chibok girls or the Doron Baga young men. I apologize, this is not the right time for comparison of who and who is more important but then, do we realize how many more “Chibok girls” could be kidnapped if this set of over 150 young men becomes our dreadful nightmare…

It seems our Chibok girls cannot handle the bombs so a need for the kidnapped young men. Of course, you’ll all agree with me that the most insecure state right now is Borno, where hundreds of people can be taken off the street, off their schools or homes as long as they have got the guns and man power.

I can only imagine the number of chaos this sect will be constituting if they successfully cajole those young men in their custody. It was the Chibok girls now it is the Baga men; tomorrow we don’t know the town, village or clan; we don’t know if they would be after the babies, women, or the grandparents. More reason why it is important we #EndBokoHaram other than just demanding for the #ChibokGirls.

And it seems nowhere and no one to run to; is it the government that have been unable to rescue our girls that we will now look up to for the return our boys; who seem to pose a more dangerous tool in the hands of the sect. Which way forward Nigeria?



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