From A God Point Of View


Don’t get too attached, for we are visitors here on earth. Don’t get carried away in this market place that you forget to help yourself and others Home; a place he has gone to prepare for us…

Why do we run after wealth and worldly things… Why do we hold on to them like we will never leave this world…

The psalmist David cried to God, “Lord help me see this earth the way you see it. Help me realise how temporary everything here is, help me see things from your point of view…” He cried, you know why? Because when we see things the way God sees things, some things will not matter to us again. Our focus will shift from Material to Spiritual. We’ll realise that God’s perspective is not human. We’ll learn to dwell on what God dwells on; every of our actions would be influenced by eternal values; values that are strange to this world.

Set your eyes on things above, not the things of this world; the things of this world will fade away; the one above will last forever. There is far more to you than life on earth. We are ambassadors here, and we must behave like one.


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