When Our Spiritual Leaders Take A Stand In Politics



I dislike religious conversations. Why? The controversies never seem to end. This is not a religious column, nahh it isn’t but there is no way I could have shied away from this issue in particular especially after I witnessed some “intellectuals” speak at the just concluded BootcampOAU. Some of these [confused] guys have so criticised the Nigerian government (not that they would do better if in their positions o), holding them responsible for the nation’s misfortunes that they are left with nothing more to do. Now they feel the church offerings are behind the setbacks, the private jets are the reasons we have bad leaders and the church leaders’ “silence” is the reason Nigeria has not moved forward. Well, that is exactly what happens when a person misplaces his/her priority as a Christian for over consciousness in politics. Left to me, the bearing has been lost, the ship? Doomed.

To the matter, a church is a ‘religious’ body NOT a political party, in Nigeria – a church nation, it will be disheartening I suppose, if my pastor comes on a Sunday morning to declare his intensions for the opposition party (APC) and then uses God as a backing. First, I don’t like APC and second, I might look for another church – one in which God must have told the pastor to support PDP. My God is not an author of confusion – that kind of political participation will segregate our belief. And no, there is no way I’ll not get irritated because with time the pastor’s prayers and messages might start to sound like curses in the ears of those us that are ‘against’ him, his views and his God.

Why do I feel Politics will never stop to be a dirty game? Because it won’t, it just won’t! As long as there are humans in politics, personal interests will continually clash with service to fellow compatriots – then it becomes really dirty if those in politics lacks the understanding of the process called “Sacrifice.” The role of the church in politics is to build its members who in turn build the country in various social and political sectors. The church cannot and should not be the one to stand in the forefront with banners and brooms to protest the leadership of a government. That is not the “Why” of a church. That is not the mandate God gave the church – The Church and its leaders are very influential, they exercise a lot of this influence and none should be channelled towards the way our political thugs best desires it. Don’t give the Church a new definition!

You see, this is where they all got it wrong. If taking a stand is what will turn our stories around, it would have been realized long ago. These men, the good ones, want what’s best for this nation. Everyone isn’t into this “ranting business.” Some of these great men of God are doing great work of help and relief across the nation – which most people don’t even know about. All we (most people) look forward to is their downfall. God help us!

Oh! Of course, lest I forget, there are some so called leaders extorting their congregation in the name of religion (sad) but should I because of the actions of some bad ones judge and disrespect the good ones? No, I shouldn’t. I choose not to tongue-lash the church as a whole because of the wrong of some. Seriously, why should you anyone even hate or condemn the church because of the action or inaction of a religious leader? Do people even know the reasons for attending church? I’ll stick to the brighter side.

If our [political] leaders are bad (like they said), it’s probably because they didn’t listen to their [spiritual] leaders while they were yet young, maybe they refused to be brought up by the church, maybe they refused to be taught the right things to do, but I am sure the church played it role in building them so they can build the nation but they deviated or rather they self-destructed, which is one of the reasons for some of the mess we are in. The Christian leaders coming to take a political stand won’t solve anything – confusion will only amass, our [political] leaders need to be called back home, reorientation is necessary.  You can force a horse to the river; you can’t force it to drink the water. If the people choose to be irresponsible after they have been put through the right way by the right people, whose fault? Oh! I know – we’ll probably blame it on the devil again. You can’t blame the mistake of our political leaders on the blessed lives our [genuine] spiritual leaders are living. It isn’t right.


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